For Corporate, Schools, Boosters, Restaurants, Events, Charity and Trade Shows, just to mention a few.

Retail Stores are custom “showrooms” designed to provide “click and go” from your own website. There are many options such as credit card payments accepted. Your sales will come off your own inventory. Here are some sample retail stores…..

Approximate Costs:

  • Monthly Cost: $49.00 per
  • Original Set-Up Cost: • 10 items $225.00 • 50 items $325.00

Sales Control: Receive updates of your inventory and sales. Streamline products saves you money and makes more profit/raise funds. 

Schools: You can sell your daily student uniforms, polos, fleece, t-shirts, water bottles, bags, etc. Special student events such as jogathons, golf tournaments, go cart racing…you get the picture.

Boosters: School Sports, fund raising, holidays such as a Halloween parade of fairs. Special events such as your yearly fund-raising event dinners.

Trade Shows: For your event staff at your show booth. Attendee giveaways, t-shirts, pens, caps, water bottles and of course much, much more.

Corporations: For larger companies your customers sales staff, can place orders and we can ship wherever orders need to go, based on your existing inventory. We can hold your inventory and give you weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly inventory reports. There is a monthly fee for this program.

Please scroll below for sample stores….contact us if you have interest or questions. You email us at,

Devices with a Company Store displayed


Schools & Boosters

  • Online Student Store
  • Fundraiser Sales
  • Online Payment



  • Control inventory
  • Schedule Sales
  • Online Payments


Easy Access

  • Request Product Information
  • Request Price Quote
  • Request Order history


Retail Store Premium Examples